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Circuit Automation designs and manufactures the world's finest dual-sided soldermask coating and vertical drying equipment. Since 1981, we have served the printed circuit board industry with highlyreliable inovative machinery, engineered to exceed.

What We Do

Manugacturing and Design

Incorporating Circuit Automation’s 25 years of designing and manufacturing coating and drying equipment into every new project, Circuit Automation utilizes proven concepts while also embracing the ever-changing improvements from technology and field experience. We are constantly working to improve our products with refinements developed and tested.

High Quality and Reliability

Circuit Automation’s laser like focus on the application and drying of liquid photoimageable, soldermask has forged us into the leadership position of supplying machines throughout the world. Since the introduction of our first LPI coater, the DP10 in 1990, we have been continuously developing and refining the process. Most of our customers only have one LPI coating machine, so uptime reliability is of paramount concern. The quality that we designed into the machines is testament to the fact that most customers do not need to back up their DP coating machines with additional capital equipment.


Circuit Automation’s customer support program features a full range of available services to support even your most demanding challenges:

Our Team

Meet Our Team Members
Thomas Meeker
President of Circuit Automation since 2002. Received a BS from Miami University.
Yuki Kojima
Executive Vice President
Industrial designer, by education. Heads Circuit Automation’s design and engineering team.

Together, Tom and Yuki have over 60 years’ experience designing and building products for the application and processing of LPI soldermask.custom essays writing

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