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Rigid Panel Coating

Liquid photoimageable (LPI) solder mask is the method of choice for protecting circuits in the manufacturer of printed wiring boards. There are at least twenty suppliers of mask products in the world today. Each vendor offers a variety of versions of their products incorporating many features desired by the end user such as optimum resistance […]

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Flexible Panel Coating

In recent years, manufacturers of flexible circuits have needed to improve the protection of the circuits. Now flex circuits are produced needing double-sided soldermask. liquid photoimageable soldermask is replacing old types of soldermask for this application. Taiyo Circuit Automation responded to this new application need by developing and commercialization of our DP3500 coater. Handling and […]

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Vacuum Degassing

Taiyo Circuit Automation’s DP-VDM vacuum system enhances and improves the liquid photoimageable soldermask coating quality and performance. The compact DP-VDM unit incorporates a powerful vacuum degassing unit designed to remove entrapped air and solvent from LPI soldermask or other via plug material on printed circuit boards. By reducing the solvent and the entrapped air, micro […]

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