Conveyorized Hanging Oven

The HC-340 oven features the SupraConveyor design. Panels are held by spring clips and suspended from an overhead conveyor. This enables very thin panels to be processed without special fixtures. Downdraft air recirculation and laminar flow minimizes panel sway. In final cure applications, warp and twist is eliminated. The SupraConveyor also facilitates automation, as it has the flexibility to transport panels of various sizes without adjustment.

Detailed Product Information

  • Active controls for uniform airflow
  • Lateral mixing for no cold spots
  • Heavy Duty Clip Design
  • Powerful Opener with Reduced Dust and Increased Strength
  • Clip Support and Tensioner
  • 4.0 Meter Heated Zone with Excellent Temperature Profile of +/- 2 degree C
  • PLC controls for “WYSWYG” time cycle


HC340 Brochure


HC340 Manual