HC340 Combi

Precision Hanging and Rack Oven

The HC340 Combi oven enables automation of the final curing process, eliminating operators inadvertently damaging panels while loading or unloading panels. The fully automatic versions of this oven enable panels to be automatically loaded and unloaded by horizontal conveyor. Hanging panels in a consistent air flow environment allow each panel to be processed identically so that consistent, repeatable results are obtained. A repeatable process will yield repeatable results which deliver improved productivities in critical applications.

Detailed Product Information

  • Active controls for uniform airflow
  • Lateral mixing for no cold spots
  • Auto Load and Unload Hanging
  • Manual Load and Unload Rack
  • Special Exhaust System with Improved Oven Performance
  • Heavy Capacity Panel Gripping
  • Precision Clips with Micro-Polished Clip Bearing
  • PLC Controlled with Touch Screen Panel


HC340 Combi Brochure


HC340 Combi Manual