Vacuum Chamber

The DPVDM is the Vacuum Chamber for printed circuit board manufacturing. The DPVDM is designed as an integral part of soldermask application process. Due to the shrinking feature sizes in PCB manufacturing, increased track height, reduced spaces between traces, soldermask, via plugging, and the requirement for increased coating thickness for ENIG applications, air entrapment has become a major manufacturing issue. Traditional mixing of two part epoxy soldermask inks and application techniques has entrained and entrapped air into the mask. The entrapped air causes problems and defects upon further processing either by the vacuum in the exposure process or by creating “volcanoes” in the final baking process. The DPVDM vacuum degassing chamber is designed to degas a rack full of panels. The DPVDM degases up to twenty-seven 24” x 30” (610 x 762mm) panels at once. The chamber holds one Taiyo Circuit Automation oven rack.

Detailed Product Information

  • Accepts Most Standard Racks
  • Holds Up To Twenty Seven 24” x 30” Panels
  • Removes Volatiles from Field Holes and Vias Eliminating Blow-out
  • Replaces time and energy consuming step cure with 5-10 min Vacuum process
  • Drastically Reduces Micro-Bubbles in the Soldermask
  • Eliminates Residual Mask on Photo Tools
  • Improves Overall Mask Quality
  • Releases Solvent Faster
  • Eliminates/Reduces Pre-Bake Hold Time
  • Eliminates/Reduces Ink Residue in Holes


DPVDM Brochure


DPVDM Manual