Conveyorized Oven

The TC5000 Conveyorized Oven is designed to handle substrates for tack-drying of a variety of inks, conductive pastes, soldermask and legend ink. Conveyorized ovens are used most effectively to improve productivity, decrease variability, and increase yield in soldermask and legend ink processes. The TC5000 oven is designed to be integrated into a DP5000 coater and has an unloader designed to raise the outgoing horizontal panel to 38″.

Detailed Product Information

  • Active controls for uniform airflow
  • Lateral mixing for no cold spots
  • Unmatched temperature profiles within +/-1 degree Celsius
  • Includes automatic unloader to horizontal position
  • Alarm annunciator panel and LED interface
  • Chart recorder
  • PLC controls for “WYSWYG” time cycle
  • V2 Automatic Unloader


TC5000 Brochure


TC5000 Manual