Screen Mesh / Premium Fabric Panel

shur-loc® prides itself on only using the highest quality components in our fabric panels. Original shur-loc® Fabric Panels are available for most major frame sizes and styles on the market today.

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TCA Part Number Description
SL0152 Screen mesh 86/100 for DP3500
SL0153 Screen mesh 83/120 low tension for DP3500
SL0154 Screen mesh 86/100 for DP1500
SL0155 Screen mesh 83/120 for DP1500
SL0156 Screen mesh 83/100 for DP3500
SL0157 Screen mesh 83/100 for DP1500
SL0158 Screen mesh 83/120 medium tension for DP3500

Detailed Product Information

  • Precision cut mesh panel designed to fit your frame
  • Largest selection of mesh counts ranging from 25-460
  • The easiest, most accurate way to stretch mesh on frames
  • Additional thread diameters for greater selection
  • Removable and reusable


Taiyo Circuit Automation are now the European and Asian distributor for Shur-Loc products.

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