TC 150 Oven


       The Circuit Automation TC-150 Conveyorized Oven is the most flexible conveyorized oven available for tack-drying or final curing of soldermask and legend ink. Conveyorized ovens are used most effectively to improve productivity, decrease variability, and increase yield in soldermask and legend ink processes. The TC-150 has a heated chamber of 3.0 meters using a variety of racks with different pitch and spacing available separately. Air distribution in the TC-150 is extremely even throughout the oven, achieving 3 ° C (TIR) temperature distribution across the panel at tack-dry temperatures and 6° C (TIR) at final cure temperatures. The TC-150 ramps up to temperature rapidly, smoothly, and consistently. The oven maintains the selected temperature throughout the heated chamber. SSR controllers maintain temperature sensitive to 0.5 ° C temperature changes. Temperature variants from one end of the oven to the other end are rectified by a shutter system that directs hot air just slightly enough to counter any variance. To ensure operator safety, the panels are cooled to a lukewarm temperature with cooling fans before reaching the end of the exit cabinet. The air is circulated through the oven in a laminar flow pattern, ensuring even temperature distribution across the panel. The TC-150 recirculates almost 7,000 CFM of air. The high flow promotes rapid removal of solvent and monomer from the panels. The TC-150 exhausts 900 CFM of air, exchanging air in the oven 2.5 times per minute. Air is taken into the oven through a Clean Air Filter System at each end of the oven. Operation of the TC-150 is simple. A programmable logic controller and operator interface allows direct input of process parameters including temperature and process time. A linear chart recorder is included.


Manuals and Documentation