Circuit Automation has introduced the concept for a Vacuum Chamber for printed circuit board manufacturing. A vacuum chamber is designed as an integral part of soldermask application process. Due to the shrinking feature sizes in PCB manufacturing, increased track height, reduced spaces between traces, soldermask via plugging, and the requirement for increased coating thickness for ENIG applications, air entrapment has become a major manufacturing issue. Traditional mixing of two part epoxy soldermask inks and application techniques has entrained and entrapped air into the mask. The entrapped air causes problems and defects upon further processing either by the vacuum in the exposure process or by creating “volcanoes” in the final baking process. Circuit Automation, Inc. introduces the first vacuum degassing chamber specifically designed to degas a rack full of panels. This model DP-VDM Degases up to twenty-five 24” X 30” (610 X 762mm) panels at once. The chamber holds one Circuit Automation oven rack. The machine is optimized to hold CAI part number 6-3171C rack. However, several other varieties of Circuit Automation racks will fit into the chamber, including Part numbers 6-3171-125 and 6-3171-156.



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