Other Ancillary Equipment

Circuit Automation’s primary focus is directed to LPI coating and drying equipment.  The steps to produce high quality panels require proper handling of these panels.  We developed ancillary equipment to make the processing of panels easier and to reduce handling damage.

Currently listed are some of the pieces developed to support equipment applications


Oven Racks


1) 6-3169 CAI “Standard Rack” assembly with sides

2) 6-3171C Standard rack base

3) 10-0416 PCMCIA Rack Assembly

4) 11-1020 Rack for 24” X 36” panels  (610 X 914mm)

5) 11-2442 Rack for 24” X 48” panels (610 X 1219mm)

6) 11-3665 Rack for 24” X 36” panels (610 X 914mm)

7) 12-0972 Hanging Rack double density “condo” rack for flexible panels



Rack Clips


1) 12-0888 Hanging Rack Panel Clip designed to be used for both top and bottom panel applications.

2) 12-0960 Bottom Panel clip designed for easy loading on wet panels for the bottom of the rack as a sway stop.