High Quality and Reliability

Circuit Automation’s laser like focus on the application and drying of liquid photoimageable, soldermask has forged us into the leadership position of supplying machines throughout the world.  Since the introduction of our first LPI coater, the DP10 in 1990, we have been continuously developing and refining the process.  Most of our customers only have one LPI coating machine, so uptime reliability is of paramount concern.  The quality that we designed into the machines is testament to the fact that most customers do not need to back up their DP coating machines with additional capital equipment.Quality is designed into a product.  We are proud to still be servicing equipment thatwe produced in the mid1990’s.  Circuit Automation’s psychology is to use reliable high quality components’ pared with a simple design.  Our philosophy is that in the end, a simple design is more reliable and easier to repair.Many of our coating machines have produced over 2 million circuit board panels andare still going strong.  Our newest generation of DP3500 and DP9000 machines, while technology are far more advanced than our original models, still embrace the “simpler is better” engineering approach.