The DP-4000 is a double-sided LPI coating machine. It can be used with all screen printable
photoimageable solder masks. The DP-4000 is very versatile, featuring the ISOprint System for
cleaning the screens and QC (Quick Change) Technology for rapid changeover of ink and
screens. The DP-4000 has three operating areas: the load/unload station, the coating chamber, and the control panel. The load/unload station is the section where a panel is placed inside the DP-4000. The coating chamber is accessible from front and back through the glass doors and is the section where the panel is coated. The control panel is on the front of the DP-4000 above the coating section. The loading station consists of an automated rack conveyor, upper infeed panel clamp/guide, upper outfeed panel clamp/guide, and bottom panel guide. The panel clamp lifts a circuit panel from the rack and places it in the shuttle. The panel rides in the bottom panel guide, moving in the bottom panel guide, and moves to the left to deposit the circuit panel within the coating section. After coating, the shuttle returns the panel to the unload clamp, which picks it up and replaces into the rack. The coating chamber consists of front and back print heads, the drive and support system for the print heads, and the screen frames. When a panel is deposited onto the shuttle by the autoloader and a cycle is started, the shuttle moves the circuit panel to the center of the coating section. In the flood/print mode, the screens close and the print heads flood the screens on the upward stroke. The print heads stop, reverse direction, and print the circuit board on the downward stroke. (In the No Flood Mode, the ink bar will carry the ink to the top of the screen where the ink is deposited for the squeegee to push down on the squeegee stroke.) The shuttle will return the panel to the load/unload station. Other print modes can be selected to print twice, with or without a second flooding of the screen.


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