DP1500-2X V4



The DP 1500 series of coating machines continue to be a wise choice for coating
liquid photoimageable ink on printed circuit boards. DP 1500’s is used to apply all
types of liquid photoimageable inks including soldermask, coverlay, primary
image, dielectric, and legend. These versatile machines are used all over the
world in a variety of applications. The guidelines presented in this manual come
from years of experience in coating panels. This machine has morphed into
several distinct models: DP 1500-2X, DP 1500-2XL, and DP 1500-2X Model V4.2. This
manual is intended as a training and reference source for anyone who operates
and/or maintains the Circuit Automation DP 1500-2X New Generation Dual-Sided
Coater. It gives the correct procedures for the installation, start-up, operation, and
shutdown of the DP 1500. Also included are pictures, diagrams, and reference
information to assist operators and maintenance personnel in completing their
work safely and efficiently. Keep it on hand and use it for reference whenever you
are working with the DP 1500-2X.




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